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SCRIPTSouth Coast Regional Initiative Planning Team (Australia)
SCRIPTService de Coordination de la Recherche et de l'Innovation Pédagogiques et Technologiques (French: Research, Educational Innovation and Technology Service Coordination; Luxembourg)
SCRIPTSouth Carolina Rural Interdisciplinary Program of Training (health education)
SCRIPTScale of Children's Readiness in Printing (handwriting assessment)
SCRIPTSupporting Changes and Reform in Interprofessional Preservice Training (Iowa)
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Scripts have saved me a lot of time when doing advanced reports or custom optimizations, but they have also taken a lot of time to maintain, especially when I needed slightly different settings for a script in different accounts.
Some of the important features of the script include:
After research, script topics are chosen with the help of broadcasters, agriculture extension specialists and by learning what other organizations, such as UNICEF, have identified as priorities.
Rather than practice our entire team offense and then go to a situational scrimmage, we will script those situations into our team-offense time.
There was a unified awareness by Weaver, Newson and Hirst of the inherent difficulties in making a film like Century Hotel work, but devotion to a good script makes people do funny things.
While there was no explicit demand for script approval or input - the conversation didn't get that far, he said - it is difficult to imagine any other reason why the ONDCP would insist on seeing scripts instead of tapes.
Tentatively we think several conventions of Mayan hieroglyphics were already developed in the script portrayed on the La Mojarra stone, which the Maya adapted and then developed on their own," argues John S.
Based on the concept that most System and Network Administrators aren't programmers, nor do they want to be, FastTrack Scripting Host is a pseudo-language that allows users to execute one script line to perform one operation.
The cornerstone paradigm is: One operation = one script line.
We believe that the script we use is the most important part of "Ghost Game.
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