SCSBSealy Center for Structural Biology
SCSBShanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. (Taiwan)
SCSBStandard Capital Superannuation Benefit (Ireland tax relief)
SCSBSouthern Cooperative Series Bulletin (journal)
SCSBState Contracting Standards Board (Connecticut)
SCSBSmall Computer Support Bulletin
SCSBSummit Care Schedule of Benefits
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The role of Mobily comes in providing operational and technical support as well as marketing support, whereas the role of SCSB is to provide the commercial support and professional training for innovators.
Prince Sultan before signing the agreement expressed his approval of the role played by the SCSB in financing tourism and heritage projects and highly praised the special partnership between SCTA and the bank.
During the reception, the Director General of SCSB Dr.
SCSB reflects the principle of real partnership which is followed by SCTA in its different initiatives and programs and which is carried out in accordance with the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, President of SCTA regarding the importance of partnership as he believes that this methodology enriches SCTA's work and expands its area of creativity.
SCSB is a state-owned banking institution considered as one of the Saudi government s keystones because it has provided loans to Saudis that will enable them to contribute to the development of the Kingdom.
Singapore-based Petra Foods will provide technical assistance to SCSB for the manufacture of chocolate confectionery products using the intellectual property rights of Delfi Chocolate Manufacturing S.
Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz Al Henaishil, Director General of SCSB.
The SCSB is allowed to establish three new branches or almost one third of the total approved.
Salah Al Bakheet, emphasized that the agreement reached between SCTA and SCSB (Saudi Credit and Saving Bank) recently to finance small and medium enterprises (SMEs) projects in the areas of tourism, antiquities and heritage, represents a starting point for the support to such SMEs in the future.
Peng, vice president of SCSB, indicated that most Taiwanese banks have chosen HCM City and Hanoi as their priority locations for their footholds in Vietnam, but SCSB has chosen Dong Nai mainly because there are more Taiwanese enterprises operating in Dong Nai than in HCM City.
He referred to a royal decree that has entrusted SCSB with the task of coordinating efforts to support SMEs and hoped the forum would boost the development of SMEs and lifting the obstacles facing them.
At present, only brokers and SCSBs are allowed to bid on behalf of investors on the exchange platform.