SCSBSealy Center for Structural Biology
SCSBShanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Ltd. (Taiwan)
SCSBStandard Capital Superannuation Benefit (Ireland tax relief)
SCSBSouthern Cooperative Series Bulletin (journal)
SCSBState Contracting Standards Board (Connecticut)
SCSBSmall Computer Support Bulletin
SCSBSummit Care Schedule of Benefits
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The SCSB model consists of two main drivers of customer satisfaction i.
The role of Mobily comes in providing operational and technical support as well as marketing support, whereas the role of SCSB is to provide the commercial support and professional training for innovators.
After the completion of the sale SCSB and SCCK will become part of the J Trust group, while all of the staff are expected to remain employed under their existing terms and conditions.
The project is expected to be subject to normal construction risk of materials price fluctuation but believes it can mitigate the risk based on SCSBs past experiences and expertise in construction projects.
SCSB official spokesman Ahmed Al-Jibreen said that the bank adopted the final funding list for 336 projects worth SR 75,805,139 within Tracks Program of emerging projects, indicating that the approved projects have been characterized by diversity between service, industrial to commercial ones in most of the regions and cities of the Kingdom.
He referred to a royal decree that has entrusted SCSB with the task of coordinating efforts to support SMEs and expressed hope that the forum would boost the development of SMEs and would help lift the obstacles facing them.
SCSB is managed professionally with a focus on consolidating market share through organic growth rather than through aggressive acquisitions.
Riyadh, Rabi'I 22, 1434, February 03, 2013, SPA -- The Saudi Credit and Savings Bank (SCSB) has received here today a delegation from Kuwaiti Credit and Savings Bank in order to take benefit from SCSB experience.
E Sun has expressed intention of establishing representative offices in Yangon, Myanmar and Mumbai, India as well as a branch in Sydney, Australia, with SCSB intending to set up rep.
Insiders attributed the high per capita contribution of SCSB to its relatively smaller workforce of about 2,300 persons at its 63 branches around the island.
SCSB had accepted the letter of award from Putrajaya Bina Sdn Bhd to design and build government offices in Precinct 1, Putrajaya.
The contract was inked by Prince Sultan bin Salman SCTA's president and Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz Al-Henaishil director general of SCSB on the sidelines of the 4th National Urban Heritage Forum (NBHF) which concluded in Asir an SCTA spokesman said.