SCSCFServing Call Session Control Function
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SCSCF receives request IF method == "HANDOVER" IF RES == XRES & integrity-protected == true then IPaddress = Contact; P-CSCFHPaddress = Path; IF P-CSCFold != P-CSCFnew then Route "HANDOVER" to P-CSCFnew ENDIF ELSEIF method == "REGISTER" IF RES != XRES then Create User-challenge(); route(Service-Routes); reply("401", "Unauthorized - Challenging UE"); ELSEIF RES ==XRES then Set -status == "200" Route "OK" to ICSCF ENDIF ENDIF ENDIF In the third phase, the old P-CSCF receives message from UE and compares that if the received request is HANDOVER, then add IpSec SAs to HANDOVER message in TIPSecSAs header.
Then SCSCF will generate a third-party REGISTER request to the MUSE Enabler.
The IMS core network includes PCSCF and SCSCF, which were developed by customizing an SIP server.