SCSDSyracuse City School District (Syracuse, New York)
SCSDSuffolk County Sheriff's Department (Massachusetts)
SCSDSchool of Communication Sciences and Disorders
SCSDSpecial Compensation for the Severely Disabled
SCSDSmithtown Central School District (New York)
SCSDSonoma County Sheriff's Department (California)
SCSDSelf Configuring SCSI Device
SCSDSpecial COMSEC Support Detachment
SCSDSaginaw County Sheriff's Department (Michigan)
SCSDSchenectady City School District (New York)
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Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event SCSD fails to pay an installment purchase payment, the intercept provisions of the Syracuse School Act will operate to intercept state aid prior to the payment of RANs.
As part of a multi-phased implementation, SCSD will also use Teachscape Focus with its teachers next school year to help them better understand the FFT.
State aid appropriated to SCSD may be intercepted as pledged payment for several other obligations including outstanding SCSD general obligation indebtedness totaling $160.
Because the act also repeals the authorization for Special Compensation for the Severely Disabled which provides veterans benefits for those with disabilities greater than 60 percent, about 37,000 SCSD recipients will be the first to see increases to their retired pay effective Jan.
Tender notice number : 28 EE KCD AE SCSD 2015 16 3rd Call