SCSESymantec Certified Security Engineer
SCSESymantec Certified Security Engineer (computer security certification)
SCSESNIA Certified Systems Engineer
SCSESolids Control Services Environmental
SCSEState Compulsory Standards of Education (Kazakhstan)
SCSESociety of Civil and Structural Engineers
SCSESolomon Certified Systems Engineer
SCSESchool of Computing Science and Engineering (Vellore Institute of Technology; India)
SCSESpecialised Cleanup Service Europe (Ghent, Belgium crime & trauma scene cleanup)
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The second research question posed was "Are there relationships between school counselor self-efficacy and the school counselor's perception of achievement gap status and equity in the school?" Analysis relating to the relationship between SCSE (independent variable) and equity (dependent variable) employed bivariate regression.
The relationship between SCSE and the equity variable produced statistically significant results ([[F.sub.[1,847]] = 104.70, p < .001, [R.sup.2.sub.adj] = .11), indicating that as school counselors' self-efficacy increases, so do the counselors' positive perceptions of equity within their school.
The logistic regression analysis conducted using SCSE measures (a continuous variable) as predictors of perceived achievement gap (a categorical variable--we designated those who believed that the achievement gap at their school had become smaller as the reference group) also produced a statistically significant result, [chi square](6) = 25.52, p = .0003, [R.sup.2] = .01.
Although the SCSE includes a factor that addresses cultural acceptance, it does not broadly cover multicultural and equity issues that are relevant to professional school counselors' work in schools.
At the same time, the State Committee on Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance (SCSES) was severed from MOH control.
The SCSES has broad responsibilities in sanitation, hygiene, infectious disease epidemiology, and some aspects of environmental protection.
Moreover, maternity homes are required to close twice a year, for at least two weeks at a time, for disinfecting and inspection by the SCSES. All of these factors combine to create needless duplication of services, bed underutilization, and increased costs.
In 1983, the State Committee on Sanitary Epidemiologic Surveillance (SCSES) initiated a policy requiring vaccination of adults with one dose of diphtheria toxoid; however, coverage with booster doses remains low.