SCSGSouth Carolina State Guard
SCSGSenior Civil Service Group (UK)
SCSGSouthern California Selene Group (astronomy; CA)
SCSGSpecial Committee of Solicitors-General (Australia)
SCSGSwimming Club Strombeek Grimbergen
SCSGSpace and C3I Systems Group (US Air Force)
SCSGSpecialty Care Services Group (Nashville, TN)
SCSGSolihull Cycling Steering Group (UK)
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For these products, the VT ratings are VT-0.12 and VT-0.28 for products with a tinted outboard lite (PPG SCSG and PPG Pac, respectively) and VT-0.39 for one triple-glazed product.
Among various issues related to SCSG wind power generation systems, speed control represents one of the most crucial ones.
Analysis and simulation results show that the proposed control approach has better performance in terms of robustness, stability, and computational cost as compared with other modified PID methods, thus being mode suitable for the speed control of SCSG wind turbine systems.
The SCSG for wind turbine system has a multiple synchronous high-temperature superconducting (HTS) field winding for direct drive train and has been widely studied worldwide.
Figure 3 shows the d-q equivalent circuit model of the designed SCSG based on Park's transformations.
An SCSG C of B is obviously fair provided that, for each j [element of] [1 : n] and each node s of C, if s is labeled with [en.sub.j] then there is some node t in C labeled with [ex.sub.j].
M, [Mathematical Expression Omitted] iff B contains an obviously fair, green SCSG C reachable starting from node ([Mathematical Expression Omitted], [q.sub.0], i) where [q.sub.0] is the start state of the automaton A.
Let [Mathematical Expression Omitted] be an SCSG in [Mathematical Expression Omitted], and let [Mathematical Expression Omitted] be a node in [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
Figure 3 shows an SCSG [Mathematical Expression Omitted] in [Mathematical Expression Omitted] for a system with three processes.
(OTCBB: SCSG) reported that the company has completed a troubled asset sale.
SouthCrest Financial Group, Inc (OTCBB: SCSG) has said that it will pay a dividend of USD0.04 per share.
SouthCrest Financial Group Inc (OTCBB: SCSG) has announced that it will pay a dividend of USD0.04 per share.