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SCSISmall Computer System Interface
SCSISmall Computer Standard Interface
SCSISmall Computer Serial Interface
SCSISystem Can't See It
SCSISociété Canadienne de Santé Internationale (Canadian Society for International Health)
SCSISub-Committee on Statistics and Information (fisheries)
SCSISociety for Computer Simulation, International
SCSIState Collection Service, Inc (Madison, Wisconsin)
SCSIShodor Computational Science Institute
SCSISource Coding with Side Information
SCSISouthern California Systems, Incorporated
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Library manufacturers will be coming out with new products in the next year that will no longer require a SCSI connection to control the robot, but each tape drive will still require a dedicated Fibre Channel link to the SAN.
The SCSI bus is supported via cabling that can handle up to 15 devices per channel in series.
SAN's closest competition comes from SCSI extender makers, such as Apcon Inc and AC Technologies.
(1)Daisy-chaining is the ability to connect one device to a PC small computer system interface (SCSI) card and connect a second device (e.g., another CD-ROM drive, hard drive, tape drive, magneto-optical drive, or combination) to the first.
Requirements like these for large volume data storage, compounded by fast query requirements are stretching the processing capability of parallel SCSI technology.
The Ultra160 uses a SPI-3 third generation parallel SCSI interface, which adds five new features: (1) Fast-80 or a data bus speed running at 80 MHz; (2) Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)--a common error checking protocol, which is used to ensure data integrity as a safety measure since transfer speeds were being increased, leading to the possibility of data corruption; (3) Domain Validation, which improves the robustness of the process by which different SCSI devices determine an optimal data transfer rate; (4) Quick arbitration and selection (QAS), which represents a change in the way devices determine which device has control of the SCSI bus.
"Adaptec has validated its Serial Attached SCSI controllers for compatibility with PMC-Sierra's maxSAS expander product family," said Paul Vogt, director of Internal Storage Business Line for Adaptec.
SCSI (pronounced "scuzzy") is a intelligent interface which knows what types of devices are connected to the computer and how to deal with them.
"By using Ultra160 SCSI technology within our workstations, we're providing new levels of I/O performance and reliability that our customers demand," said Dave Du Pont, manager of Kayak product marketing at Hewlett Packard.
Despite much talk of alternatives such as fibre channel, Ultra DMA, USB and Firewire, SCSI still predominates in the server and workstation market - and with SCSI support built into Windows NT, the shift from Unix to Intel and NT isn't affecting its growth.