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SCSI-2Small Computer System Interface 2
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SCSI-2 was the revised, compatible standard, ANSI approved in 1994.
The new SCSI-2 interface allows the interconnection of peripherals without the earlier problems.
The problem is that SCSI-2 allows multiple initiators to access the same LUNs at the same time--with each host initiating a different operation.
Fast SCSI (up to 10 Megatransfers per second, which is 10MB/sec for narrow SCSI or 20MB/sec for wide SCSI) is defined in the SCSI-2 specifications.
HVD SCSI is documented in SCSI-2 and SCSI Parallel Interface-2 (SPI-2).
When T10 split SCSI-2, it made an error by splitting the protocol and physical parts into two standards (i.e., SIP and SPI).
Q: How do I properly terminate a chain that goes from SCSI-2 to SCSI-1?
Can I use a Fast Wide hard drive (68 pin) with a SCSI-2 (50 pin).
We want to connect a SCSI-2 CD-RW to the server Is it possible?
SCSI-1 is often lumped together with SCSI-2 as a basic starting level.
A: Differential can mean the old SCSI-2; differential, now known as HVD (High Voltage Differential) SCSI, is not voltage or pin-compatible with single-ended.
But even before that, work had already begun on the SCSI-2 standard.