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The SCSI standard arbitrates or decides which device has control of the bus first.
When manually assigning SCSI devices keeping the boot drive ID as 0 will alleviate any potential problems with older software or hardware.
SCSI connectors include Type A (50-pin) for 8-bit SCSI, Type P (68-pin) for 16-bit SCSI and an 80-pin high-density connector called a single connector attachment (SCA) or an SCA-2.
Mixing narrow and wide SCSI devices can cause problems.
SCSI components rank supreme when it comes to connecting multiple devices together such as operating a server farm or setting up a server cluster or central data repository using multiple hard drives.
Related SCSI standards such as SAS, SCSI Fibre Channel and more are listed.
[check] a SCSI Trade Association and Serial ATA Working Group--http: // and are sites devoted to the new SAS standard.
[check] a SCSI Source-- for SCSI components, cables, etc.
[check] a Computer Cable Makers, Inc.-- for SCSI connectors, adapters, etc.
[check] a Tech Support Alert-- for information on SCSI installation.
[check] a Adaptec, Inc.-- driverindex.jsp?sess=no for Adaptec SCSI drivers.