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SCSLSpecial Court for Sierra Leone (UN)
SCSLScientific Computing Software Library (Silicon Graphics, Inc.)
SCSLSupply Chain Systems Laboratory (College Station, Texas)
SCSLSun Community Source Licensing (Sun)
SCSLSatyam Computer Services Limited (Secunderabad, India)
SCSLSouth Coast Soccer League (Massachusetts)
SCSLStratocumulus Standing Lenticular (cloud)
SCSLSecure Computing and Simulation Laboratory
SCSLSteuben County Swim League (New York state)
SCSLSouth Carolina School of Leadership (Columbia, SC)
SCSLSouth Carolina State Library (Columbia, SC)
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188) The Sierra Leone Government gave the UN almost full responsibility for the SCSL, and played little or no part in trials.
As the SCSL was under construction, the Security Council in UNSCR 1315 suggested that appeals from Sierra Leone could also go to the joint ICTY/R Appeals Chamber, but this proposal was not pursued and the SCSL had its own appellate body.
Furthermore, it has been argued that the exclusion from prosecution of children under eighteen in the ICC Statute and by the SCSL prosecutor, (83) as well as the failure to set a universal minimum age of criminal responsibility, (84) has led to the general principle according to which the prosecution for war crimes of individuals under eighteen is contrary to international law.
Ambassador at large for Global Criminal Justice who has extensive working experience at the ICTR and SCSL, is a perfect example.
117) Just as the drafters of the Statute for the SCSL considered the extremity of the situation in Sierra Leone and its effects on the culpability of children before concluding that children should only face rehabilitative sentences aimed at ultimate reintegration into society, (118) courts that prosecute child pirates must also focus on the rehabilitation and reintegration of convicted children.
18 The SCSL would like Nigeria, where Taylor is in exile, to transfer him to SCSL custody.
I conclude that the trial of former President Taylor is significant for the SCSL because he was the most powerful suspect to be indicted by the court.
In 2014, the SCSL shared a SurveyMonkey survey with the library systems in an effort to collect data on the state of digitization.
The SCSL Appeals Chamber, in overturning a trial chamber decision to mitigate punishment for war crimes based on what it considered a worthy cause for the resort to force, emphasized that:
37) As a result, all SCSL convicts have been placed outside Sierra