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SCSLSpecial Court for Sierra Leone (UN)
SCSLScientific Computing Software Library (Silicon Graphics, Inc.)
SCSLSupply Chain Systems Laboratory (College Station, Texas)
SCSLSun Community Source Licensing (Sun)
SCSLSatyam Computer Services Limited (Secunderabad, India)
SCSLSouth Coast Soccer League (Massachusetts)
SCSLStratocumulus Standing Lenticular (cloud)
SCSLSecure Computing and Simulation Laboratory
SCSLSteuben County Swim League (New York state)
SCSLSouth Carolina School of Leadership (Columbia, SC)
SCSLSouth Carolina State Library (Columbia, SC)
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A replica of the ICTR's Rule 94 bis, SCSL Rule of Procedure 94 bis governs the timing of disclosures related to expert witnesses and permits admission of unopposed reports or cross-examination of experts whose reports a party opposes.
the SCSL and STL will be guided by the standards set by the earlier ad
194) For example, in the CDF case, the SCSL heard important testimony from an alleged comrade of the defendants who claimed that he had tortured and cut off the ear of a man named Joseph Lansana from Sorgia and killed his mother on orders from the defendants.
77) Quite revealing is what happened at the SCSL with interns, the vast majority of them Sierra Leoneans or coming from the surrounding region.
According to the order, SCSL accounts in Andhra Bank, Bank of Baroda, IDBI Bank and ING Vysya Bank have been freezed.
Indeed, the relationship between the truth commission and the SCSL was complicated.
In fact proposals for integrating residual functions of the ICTR and SCSL (with the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia) are in the works, which include transferring these functions to the ICC.
The IST statute relies heavily on the language used in the statutes of the other three functioning criminal courts--the ICTY, ICTR and SCSL.
Examples of ProPack value-added performance and features include XSCSI high performance I/O infrastructure, MPT (SGI's tuned MPI library), SCSL (math library), FFIO (memory buffering library), NUMA tools, high performance file systems (XFS), and SGI platform hardware support and drivers.
166) Although the SCSL had adjudicated cases involving the recruitment and use of child soldiers, (167) it was the first time the charges appeared in an international court.
ICTY and SCSL, the Tribunal determined that the customary norm--a
36) The ICTY, ICTR, SCSL, ECCC, and the ICC are purposely designed to try those who are the most responsible for serious crimes.