SCSPASouth Carolina State Ports Authority
SCSPASouth Carolina Scholastic Press Association
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court, direct the SCSPA to pay reparations, interest, and
The SCSPA filed a petition for review and the Fourth Circuit, with
the federal government can make the SCSPA obey the requirements of the
Circuit had conclusively determined that the SCSPA was an arm of the
The SCSPA is one of the nation's 10 largest seaports, each year handling $44 billion in cargo and 1.
Improving cargo visibility, accuracy and productivity will benefit companies choosing the Port of Charleston and Georgetown," said Jim Newsome, SCSPA president & CEO.
More importantly, SCSPA customers should start to enjoy the benefits of migration to SPARCS N4, including centralized visibility of information, as well as enhanced communication with SCSPA via web-based electronic data interchange.
Bill Walsh, General Manager at Zebra Enterprise Solutions, said SCSPA will be the lead break bulk customer in North America and ZES will work in partnership with the ports authority to improve its break bulks systems capabilities.
SPARCS N4 will enable SCSPA to address tough challenges that may arise, as a result of its growth, and will help the 6 terminals successfully meet or exceed its business goals.