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SCSRSerial Communications Status Register
SCSRSelf-Contained Self-Rescuer (mining)
SCSRSaskatchewan Centre for Soil Research
SCSRSingle Channel Signaling Rate
SCSRSystem Control and Status Register
SCSRSouthern California Slope Racing
SCSRSociety for Cincinnati Sports Research (Cincinnati, OH)
SCSRStations Computer System Replacement
SCSRSri Chintham Sidda Reddy (bank exam coaching center; India)
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An added benefit of the ChargeAir system is the ability for workers to train with actual equipment, not a non-working practice SCSR.
Five state-of-the-art models are tested, including Glasner's patch recurrence method [20], SCSR [13], KRR [27], GPR [22], and SPM [26].
For the SCSR subscales the correlations between the factors were: Private Self-Consciousness and Public Self-Consciousness r = .
Efficient techniques for selecting SCSR resistant genotypes are needed in order for plant breeders to make progress in developing cultivars resistant to SCSR.
Oxygen in this type of SCSR is generated through internal chemical reactions from two sources.
For example, donning an SCSR is a task that individual miners should be able to demonstrate tactile skills in operating; this would warrant individual-level assessment via watching a task demonstration.
CSE respiratory product specialist, this proper training helps keep them knowledgeable about how to use as well as care for their SCSR so it will always be ready.
During quarterly escapeway training, miners must travel either the primary or alternate escapeway in its entirety, find and use directional lifelines and tethers, locate caches of SCSRs as well as refuge chambers, cross overcasts and/or undercasts, travel through mandoors, switch escapeways if needed, and negotiate unique escapeway conditions.
Mobile training units at the simulated mine are equipped with a changeable smoke maze, or confidence maze, for SCBA practice as well as SCSR expectations training drills.
The academy is not limited to only firefighting activities, but has come up with an Emergency Response Training, which includes a full mine evacuation scenario, SCSR training, tethering, expectations, flesh air bay, basic firefighting, and foam generating equipment.