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SCTESociety of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
SCTEStratum Corneum Tryptic Enzyme
SCTESociety of Cable Television Engineers
SCTESerial Clock Transmit External
SCTESecondary Career and Technical Education
SCTESchulich Centre for Teaching Excellence (York University; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SCTESociety of College Teachers of Education (now Society of Professors of Education)
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According to Cobalt Digital, FAST-STREAM OTT is the first system of its kind to be able to insert data frame accurately into baseband video as prescribed in the SCTE specification.
The establishment of more efficient fleet practices and expanding beyond its already published SCTE 225 2015: Cable Operator Fleet Maintenance and Vehicle Selection Operational Practice are among the goals of the SCTE/ISBE Energy 2020 program.
Streamliner's suite of modules allow for the application of rules and conditions to the generation of SCTE 104 messages to be interpreted by a stream encoder/ injector, resulting in the insertion of a variety of trigger messages (SCTE 35), including start and end points for splices.
At the Interop, Elemental Live provided the MPEG-2 broadcast source content with SCTE-35 ad insertion, enabling participants to work with a high-quality video stream conforming to SCTE standards.
The first step is to "decorate" the network feed with SCTE 104 markers to signal these points; this step is done by an inserter such as the Cobalt 9922 under the control of the traffic system.
Harmonic has some surprises up its sleeve for SCTE Cable-Tec Expo.
To make it as easy as a click of the mouse, on two occasions we sent e-mail to SCTE voters, featuring a link to the online ballot and their voting security ID numbers.
Streamliner can generate standard SCTE 104 messages, or messages that contain specific user-created payloads.
The SCTE Cable-Tec Expo is the perfect venue to address the complex challenges MSOs face as they transition to an all-IP infrastructure," said Nimrod Ben-Natan, senior vice president and general manager of the Edge and Access business unit at Harmonic.
Today, WICT has bolstered its Tech It Out Initiative to include a Women In Technology mentoring program and increased leadership training through a collaboration with SCTE, as well as a content partnership with NAMIC.
The games will be held during SCTE Cable-Tec Expo[R] in Atlanta.