SCTISarasota County Technical Institute (Sarasota, FL)
SCTIStanford Center for Technology and Innovation
SCTISouthern Cross Travel Insurance (New Zealand)
SCTISodium Components Test Installation
SCTISmall Component Test Installation
SCTISouthern California Transplantation Institute (and Liver Center)
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We received the SCTI through email on June 15, 2012, in Dutch.
SCTI says ICT is the owner of a unique process for the preparation, production and freezing of the biological solutions of human stem cells and currently hold 26 patents that have been derived from the intellectual property of its scientists used to develop the stem cell production and cryo-freezing processes.
The agreement grants SCTI global rights to use the IP contained in the patents, the stem cell products and the process itself, to establish clinics for the treatment of patients, set up cryo-storage facilities and the administration of the stem cell products to its customers including clinics, universities, institutes and private research facilities for study and clinical trials.
Further testing could not occur until restart of the SCTI in early June 1992.
SCTI provides new stem cell solutions, which are being used in the treatment of patients suffering from degenerative disorders of the human body.
SCTI Chairman and CEO, Calvin Cao, says, "We are extremely pleased and excited about the signing of the exclusive License Agreement with ICT.
SCTI sponsorship is providing scholarships for students, faculty and researchers to attend this important conference, which will focus on the business operations and opportunities of companies in the stem cell research industry.
SCTI sells stem cell transplants that it manufactures from rabbit fetuses, with its US-patent pending technology, which has the advantage of eliminating the need for immunosuppression for patient treatment.
SCTI is the only company in the world that prepares stem cell transplants of animal fetal origin, of all 200 cell types, for human therapeutic use, and delivers the same worldwide.
At the launch, Murray Johnston, President of the SCTI, will announce "a unique initiative that spans the smart card industry.
The SCTI organization comprises a partnership of leaders in the smart card industry.