SCTLSolaris Compatible Thread Library
SCTLSenate Committee on Teaching and Learning (various locations)
SCTLSingle Conductor Transmission Line
SCTLSoil Cleanup Target Level (Florida cleanup goal for contaminated soils, as from a chemical spill)
SCTLSmall-Components Test Loop
SCTLSarum Commercial Training Ltd (UK)
SCTLSouth Central Tablelands (southern portion of the American Mid-West)
SCTLSasken Communication Technologies Ltd. (Bangalore, India)
SCTLSeven Continental Trade Link (Nepal)
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SCTL preservice teachers, placed with MTTs in the fall, were encouraged to work with their MTT to seek new ways to integrate technology.
Although positive results were experienced during the second year, due to faculty departures in the SCTL department, there were some inconsistencies in content area partnerships.
Because of the high SCTLs for boron, there are no limits on the amount of boron-treated wood.
Similarly, coffee loans, which became problematic for the first time, will now be brought under the SCTL relief package.
Attendees of the new HDI SCTL training course will learn best practices for support center operations, effective leadership and management skills, new problem solving and project management skills, team building and motivational techniques, how to manage stress and conflict, how knowledge management can improve productivity, a good introduction to service desk ITIL processes, and much more.