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SCTVSecond City Television
SCTVStatistical and Computational Theories of Vision (workshop)
SCTVSlow Scan Television
SCTVSakai Cable Television (Fukui, Japan)
SCTVSeparation and Control Test Vehicle
SCTVSea Cadet Training Vessel (Canada)
SCTVSeptal Cusp of the Tricuspid Valve
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Part of the price of returning to SCTV was that Candy, along with his colleagues, would have to spend four months of the year in the showbiz wasteland of central Alberta.
SCTV reaches only 32 cities, Indosiar 13 cities, TPI 12 cities, and ANteve 8 cities.
Tracing a line through the old Harvard Lampoon, Animal House, Saturday Night Live, meatballs, SCTV, Ghostbusters, Wayne's World and The Kids in the Hall, the careers of Ivan Reitman, Lorne Michaels, Dan Aykroyd, Mike Myers intersect, all of them nurtured in the rec rooms of southern Ontario, watching American TV.
The 14-year-old web, run by RCTI holding company Bimantara, has pushed Indosiar to third position and, for a week in early March, even managed to displace SCTV in the No.
He had directed one of the National Lampoon's successful road shows--which included in its cast a number of future Saturday Night Live and SCTV stars--and acted as producer to National Lampoon's Animal House, a seminal instance of cinematic sophomoria which also broke all comedy box office records--until Ghostbusters.
Moranis successfully transposed his comic nerd character from SCTV to the big time in 1984 in Ivan Reitman's smash hit, Ghostbusters.
1-rated Indosiar; RCTI, which he helped to set up in 1988; and SCTV.
The clinical utility of the SCTV was evident in that it measured unadulterated blood samples -- unlike other viscometers that require the addition of anticoagulants to the test samples - and it delivered near-immediate analysis of viscosity along a broad range of shear rates, including very low shear rates.
Both contents successfully compete with tier-1 TV programs of RCTI and SCTV.
Initially a radio show, SCTV gives pupils handson experience in broadcasting.
The company, which is situated in SCTV Tower, a 22-storey building adjacent to Senayan City, will focus on developing new mobile advertising technology and data management products for key clients and advertisers in the region.
After a stint on the National Lampoon Show in New York, Ramis headed up to Toronto where he was head writer and a regular performer on Canada's wacky hit television show SCTV.