SCTexSubic Clark Tarlac Expressway (Philippines)
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In choosing Indra as the technology provider for their toll solutions, MNTC will now operate the SCTEX and NLEX highways with the same platform.
Casanova said, The actual integration may even be faster because MNTC will soon be awarded the contract for the SCTEX as well .
This, as no offers were made in the price challenge for the contract to manage, operate and maintain the SCTEX held previous week.
Interested proponents under the price challenge were requested to submit offers more than MNTC, which entered into a business and operating agreement (BOA) with BCDA for SCTEX in 2011.
MNTC with the BOA has the right to function and manage SCTEX for 33 years, whereas BCDA would be relieved of payment of the P34-billion debt to the Japan International Cooperation Agency for the construction of the tollway.
He further said, We are happy to move on and close this deal, proceed to working for the improvement of the service in SCTEX, and serve the public interest.
The BCDA used both local and global media to publish the bid invitation for SCTEX.
The SCTEX, a 94-kilometer four-lane divided expressway with direct connection to the North Luzon Expressway, passes through the Bataan, Pampanga and Tarlac provinces.
As part of a 28-year business and operating deal, the BCDA has sold the rights, interest and obligations in the management, operation and maintenance of the SCTEX.