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SCUSanta Clara University
SCUSouthern Cross University (New South Wales, Australia)
SCUSacra Corona Unita (Italian: United Sacred Crown; criminal organization)
SCUService Class User (DICOM terminology)
SCUSpecial Care Unit
SCUSouthern California University of Health Sciences (Whittier, California)
SCUSystem Configuration Utility
SCUSystem Control Unit
SCUSerious Crimes Unit
SCUSteinbach Credit Union (Canada)
SCUSignal Conditioning Unit
SCUSupreme Council of Universities
SCUSupport Collection Unit (Child Support Collection Agency)
SCUSulphur Coated Urea
SCUSystem Controller Unit (Hekimian)
SCUSurface Control Unit (Sub-Atlantic Products)
SCUSelector Control Unit
SCUSmall Combat Unit
SCUSwitch Control Unit
SCUSensor Control Unit
SCUSociedad Colombiana de Urologia
SCUSurgical Care Unit (various locations)
SCUSenatus Consultum Ultimum (Latin: Final Decree of the Senate; Martial Law)
SCUSpecial Confinement Unit (Federal Correctional Complex; Indiana)
SCUSantiago, Cuba - Santiago-Antonio Maceo Cuba (Airport Code)
SCUSculpins (FAO species name code)
SCUStation Control Unit (website)
SCUSpacecraft Control Unit
SCUSequence Control Unit
SCUSociedad de Cirugía del Uruguay
SCUStone Cold University :-)
SCUSembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd
SCUSingle-Channel Unit
SCUScottish Cricket Union
SCUShelf Controller Unit (Hekimian)
SCUSupplemental Control Unit
SCUSatellite Communications Unit
SCUService Channel Unit
SCUSoldier Control Unit
SCUSoftware Capability Upgrade
SCUScanner Control Unit
SCUSupervisory and Control Unit
SCUSpray Content Uniformity
SCUShaft Control Unit
SCUSociedad Chilena de Urologia
SCUSlider Control Unit
SCUSpecial Ceremonial Unit
SCUSelector Checkout Unit
SCUSimulator Control Unit
SCUSignaling-System Control Unit (ITU-T)
SCUService Creation Unit
SCUStand-alone Computer Unit (US Army)
SCUSystem Capability Upgrade
SCUSherwood Credit Union
SCUSetter Control Unit
SCUSafety Council University
SCUSummerland Credit Union (Australia)
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This is an incredible accomplishment for SCU and the Bachelor's Completion Program will play a pivotal role in expanding the academic portfolio of the university.
The company said SCU students can earn credits for future educational development by obtaining certificates through the Sandals Hospitality Management program or from the SCU's Prior Learning Assessment for industry experienced team members.
Robert Curry Scholarship is designed to inspire SCU students to study whole-food nutrition while pursuing a degree in alternative health care.
Barred received its world premiere at SCU on March 31, 2004.
As boss of human resources, he was in charge of Kelly's SCU department, which was set up in 1999 to push through reforms of NHS Trusts.
In an Alzheimer's SCU, the nursing station should be enclosed with glass to discourage residents from climbing onto or over the desk or appropriating materials from it.
Marika Krause of SCU Media Relations can also help reach him on deadline: mekrause@scu.
In addition to the fact that SCU does not require a master's degree to enroll in its First Professional Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, what makes this curriculum particularly impressive is the exceptional level of expertise students acquire in a short amount of time.
But despite this growing trend, not all nursing homes have the physical capabilities or the finances to jump on the SCU bandwagon.
Plans and preparations are underway for next year's SCU which will be held at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas on February 4, 2015, which will include many of this year's presenters in addition to two full breakout tracks to provide attendees with even more content.
The addition included nurses' stations, dining and activities areas, bathing facilities, and rehabilitation kitchens for both floors at the end of the SCU unit, with a double-loaded corridor.
SCU employees rated the institution high enough to be recognized and honored in the following categories this year: