SCUASpecial Collections and University Archives
SCUASalem County Utilities Authority (New Jersey)
SCUASekolah Catur Utut Adianto (Indonesian: Utut Adianto Chess School; Indonesia)
SCUASouth Carolina United Action (Orangeburg, SC)
SCUASonoma County Union of the Arts (California)
SCUASwiss CATIA (Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) User Association (Switzerland)
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Goals for BDRM were established at the outset by both ERIT and SCUA staff members.
Presentations were given to the Libraries' administrative leaders and department heads, talking points were created for the SCUA department head to hold conversations with the Dean of the Libraries, and other parties across campus (including the campus's Information Technology Systems unit) were brought into the conversation, all in an effort to gain broad support and buy-in for the development of the born-digital program.
In addition, the issue of fee collection by the SCUA further soured the relationship between Washington and London.
78) Undoubtedly, Dulles's strong comments, for instance about the SCUA never having been meant to have teeth, and The Washington Post's article served to goad the British into their policy of a negotiated settlement, but at the price of much bitterness and distrust in London.
Egypt would recognize the SCUA and consent to its collecting the navigation fees.
104) Furthermore, the settlement outlined during the tripartite talks in New York depended on the SCUA proving an effective organization.
The actual founding of SCUA took place in London at a two-day conference of ambassadors of the fifteen participating countries beginning October 2nd.
The dues and fees paid to SCUA instead of the Canal Company were to be the "teeth" of the new organization.
SCUA Middle East, now a member of LOC Middle East, will maintain its services related to all kinds of marine insurance claims, casualty, plus loss avoidance, and also handle engineering and energy concerns in the sectors of shipping, oil and gas.
Over two-decade old SCUA Middle East, led by Pat Cannie, is a leading regional player in its own sector related to marine engineering and insurance claims.
The entire existing employee fleet of SCUA Middle East will now work under the banner of LOC Middle East, while Pat Cannie will be responsible for the specialist hull and machinery division.