SCUBSports Club University Bolzano (Italy)
SCUBSenate Committee on University Budget (Simon Fraser University; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
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First, SCUB is generated, which consists of four VQ indices, i.
CAM2 Campeche Mexico CHET Chetumal Mexico CH13 Chihuahua Mexico CIC1 Ensenada Mexico COL2 Colima Mexico CULI Culiacan Mexico GUAT Ciudad de Guatemala Guatemala HER2 Hermosillo Mexico INEG Aguascalientes Mexico LPAZ La Paz Mexico MANA Managua Nicaragua MD01 Fort Davis USA MERI Merida Mexico MEXI Mexicali Mexico MTY2 Monterrey Mexico OAX2 Oaxaca Mexico PIE1 Pie Town USA PUR3 ISABELLA USA SCUB Santiago de Cuba Cuba TAMP Tampico Mexico TOL2 Toluca Mexico VIL2 Villahermosa Mexico MATRIZ DE COVARIANZA ESTACIQN COMPONENTE VALOR (metros) ALGO LAT 45.
The Survey is available from GPO: List ID SCUB, price 34-00 per year (domestic second-class mail), $42-50 (foreign second-class mail), or $71.