SCURLScottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries
SCURLScottish Consortium of University and Research Libraries (UK)
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Sheila Cannell, the chair of SCURL, who is director of library services at the University of Edinburgh, said: "Differential access to journals has been a problem for some researchers but with the advent of SHEDL we are now providing them with a level playing field.
The Agreement will be available to the organisations listed in the Invitation to Tender including SCURL members and affiliated and associate organisations, and Advanced Procurement for Universities & Colleges (APUC) and its members, although there is no pre-commitment to use the agreement other than from the vanguard organisations named below.
A SCURL Task Force, convened between June 2013 and May 2014,concluded that procuring a Framework Agreement for Integrated Library Platform Systems would be worthwhile and a working group was established to progress this vision.