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SCUTSouth China University of Technology
SCUTSub Compact Utility Tractor (John Deere)
SCUTSome Common Unfinished Task (medical slang)
SCUTSchizophrenia, Chronic Undifferentiated Type
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Thorax: Robust relative to rest of fly, often with darker scutal pattern of longitudinal stripes, scut more or less triangular with smooth rounded margin and apex, more or less as long as broad.
Chaetotaxy: 1 short pprn and 1 short posthu, a minute but distinctly incurved ihu, 2 ntpl, 1 pa, 1 short post ia, 1 dc, acrs very short and in more than 2 irregular rows, 1 anepisternal closer to upper margin; absent sa and katepisternal setae; scut with 1 pair basals and 1 pair subapicals, all about as long as dc.
Head Rock broke fast and led up from Nikitas Scut with Barntick Petal in third.
Second: 1 Nikitas Scut, 2 Head Rock, 3 Barntick Petal, 4 Mountaylor Ace, 5 Whatsupjack, 6 Dundrum Sport (m).
36 (640m Handicap): Hideaway Theo (M) (12), Olearly's Lil (M) (8), Border Lane (4), Idoitmyself (4), Cal's Runner (Scr), Motto's Scut (M) (Scr).
If he fails to deliver Whatsupjack and Nikitas Scut could strike gold.
But most continue to do what the old workers have always done: a lot of scut work, often at relatively low pay, in many cases for the most demanding of bosses.
Reserves: Barnish Mary (M), Buckfast Kid, Burnt Oak Barney, Caesar's Empire, Catunda Palermo (M), Howling Wind (M), Ideclaretogod (M), Killduff Sam, Lady Alaska, Maid Of Money (M), Motto's Scut (M), Rothweiler Lilly (M), Sick Note Johnny (M), Slaneyside Dream, Twelvethirtyfive (M), Zara's Baby (M).
The race of the night, though, could be heat three where Mulvaney 600 winner Ardkill Star will be opposed by recent Newbridge Oaks winner Nikitas Scut and strongrunning Tolerton Crasher.
33 (450m): Burnt Oak Barney, Faughanfantastic, Husky Wolf (M), Lost Harry (M), Tullymurry Alice (M), Mottos Scut (M).
NIKITAS SCUT, the sole locally owned finalist, raced to glory in the EUR8,000 Michael Fitzpatrick Newbridge Oaks final on Saturday, writes Michael Fortune.
25 (450m): Ann's Turbo (M) (11), Lisgarbh Nivea (W) (10), Moneygall Nic (9), Colmyard Raider (7), Mill Slice (M) (5), Mottos Scut (M) (scr).