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SCVSanta Clarita Valley (California)
SCVSons of Confederate Veterans
SCVSanta Clara Vanguard
SCVService Civil Volontaire (French: Civil Service Volunteer)
SCVSingapore Cable Vision
SCVStarHub Cable Vision (formerly Singapore Cable Vision)
SCVSmall Cap Value (investing)
SCVSpace Construction Vehicle (StarCraft game)
SCVSupply Chain Visibility
SCVSpecial Category Visa (Australia)
SCVSmall Commercial Vessel
SCVSecure Configuration Verification
SCVSwirl Control Valve
SCVSeveral Complex Variables (mathematics)
SCVSubmerged Combustion Vaporizer (equipment used in LNG plants)
SCVSpace Construction Vehicle (Computer game StarCraft)
SCVSquared Coefficient of Variation (statistics)
SCVStato Citta' del Vaticano (Vatican City State)
SCVSpeed Controlled Volume
SCVSteel Containment Vessel
SCVSub-Clutter Visibility
SCVSurge Control Valve
SCVSerialized Component Verification
SCVSoftware Capability Verification
SCVSatellite Controlled Vehicle
SCVScrap Cost Variance (steel)
SCVSubaru Club du Var (French car club)
SCVSterilization Chamber Vent
SCVSupreme Court of Virginia
SCVSub-Cave (Portuguese: sub-level; postal usage)
SCVSingle Customer View (marketing)
SCVSite Close-out Visit (medical studies context)
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Circuit Court of Appeals held that specialty plates are private speech, so the state had violated the First Amendment by engaging in viewpoint discrimination against the SCV.
Weidong Feng, chief investment officer of Tiantu Capital, said: "INMOTION SCV meets consumers' needs for short trips and urban commute.
The SCV is first in the number of members among all chapters in the United States, and the second largest TEI chapter, just behind Toronto.
Value Plastics also recently added four new sizes of socket fitments within the existing SCV line, expanding options for customers requiring bonded terminations.
While Jayalalithaa says 8 lakh subscribers have registered with Arasu for STBs, SCV is going all- out to in a bid to maintain its dominance.
The maximum diameter of the SCV and the distance between its upper border and the superior margin of the clavicle were measured at the site where the two structures were closest (at this site the SCV is even closer to the inferior border of the clavicle but this region is obscured by an acoustic shadow).
This showed that SCVs began to appear following infection, after the immune system response was overcome and that this persistence led to a larger phenotypic diversity of bacteria.
When respondents were asked about the consequences they expected to face if their institution failed to meet the FSCS SCV deadline of 1 January 2011, the majority (65%) believed they would incur a financial penalty which could be millions of pounds.
The Celona FSCS solution delivers a fully compliant migration solution, along with a business-level audit trail and production of the SCV data to meet the FSCS deadline.
The 2007 SCV Man and Woman of the Year will be officially named May 4 at the Man and Woman of the Year dinner at the Hyatt Valencia.
lugdunensis isolate that grew as tiny (pinpoint), nonpigmented, and nonhemolytic colonies was shown to be a hemin-auxotrophic SCV (Figure 1E).
An agreement on the principal terms for the merger was signed today by shareholders of Starhub and SCV,'' they said in a joint statement.