SCVBSydney Convention and Visitors Bureau (Sydney, Australia)
SCVBSarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau
SCVBSpringfield Convention & Visitors Bureau (Illinois)
SCVBScottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau (Scottsdale, AZ)
SCVBSpin-Coupled Valence Bond
SCVBSaitama Convention and Visitors Bureau (Japan)
SCVBSaint Cyprien Volley Ball (Saint Cyprien, France)
SCVBState Crime Victims Board (New York)
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delivery to the SCVB which must be by December 21, 2015.
1) Proofs should come directly to Kristen Chenoweth at the SCVB responsible for approving them
3) You must call the SCVB 48 hours prior to delivery to notify them of the delivery date/time.
5) Billing must go directly to the attention of Pat Corcoran at the SCVB address above.
In today's environment of limited resources it is imperative that we collaborate with our community partners, not only because it allows us to expand our marketing reach but it ensures that as a community, we are delivering a consistent message," said Steve Hammond, President & CEO of the SCVB.
The SCVB also works closely with Sacramento's biggest tourism draw, Old Sacramento.
In Sacramento, the SCVB welcomes and fosters those opportunities.