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SCVPSimple Certificate Validation Protocol
SCVPServer-Based Certificate Validation Protocol
SCVPSociety for Cardiovascular Pathology
SCVPSchool Community Violence Prevention (California)
SCVPStandard Certificate Validation Protocol
SCVPSeminole Community Volunteer Program, Inc. (Florida)
SCVPStatic Classification Value Predictor
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Codebench's PIVCheck Plus Desktop Edition with PIVCheck Certificate Manager, PIVCheck Plus Mobile Edition with PIVCheck Certificate Manager and PIVCheck Desktop Edition (both the SCVP Client and PIV Authentication System) were tested and evaluated in atsec's Austin, TX lab.
The Tumbleweed Validation Authority Suite of products validates the status of digital certificates in real time using a variety of protocols including OCSP and SCVP, ensuring that revoked credentials cannot be used for secure emails, smart card login, Web access, wireless, VPN, or other electronic transactions that may compromise mission-critical infrastructure.
This flexibility lets administrators configure certification authority (CA) specific validation mechanisms using multiple validation including OCSP, SCVP, VACRL; in addition to support for CRL and CRLDP.
Tumbleweed Validation Authority (VA Server) - A FIPS 140-2 high-performance multi-platform solution to process client digital certificate status queries using a number of different protocols including OCSP, SCVP, and VA certificate revocation lists (CRL).
SecureXML offers W3C XML Digital Signature standard compliant signature creation, time stamping using NIST time stamp servers, and real time digital certificate validation using OCSP, SCVP, CRL, and CAM mechanisms.