SCWSSmart Card Web Server
SCWSScottish Co-Operative Wholesale Society (UK)
SCWSSouth Carolina Watermedia Society
SCWSSouthern California World Service (alcohol support group; Hollywood, CA)
SCWSSamoyed Club of Washington State (dog club)
SCWSSea Control Weapons School (US Navy)
SCWSSouth Coast Web Solutions (various locations)
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The deployment of next-generation SCWS technology on a large scale is a key milestone in the transformation of mobile services for users and network operators and brings major opportunities for the further development of the mobile market.
The Movenda SCWS management platform is the natural evolution of our long experience in the development of innovative remote management platforms," said Marco Rossi, President and CEO of Movenda.
SIM technology has evolved over time, and the use of SCWS enables us to offer the rich media applications and interfaces that are integral to current mobile services," added Philippe Vallee, Executive Vice President of the Telecommunications Business Unit at Gemalto.
BioXpress enables the implementation of an electronic ticket in a mobile phone SIM card, leveraging notably NFC and SCWS technologies.
Beginning in 2009, LG plans to have the SCWS feature available on most LG HSDPA handsets.
According to Philippe Vallee, Executive Vice President, Telecom, Gemalto "this cooperation between Gemalto and LG is a milestone, showing that SIM-based SCWS technology is clearly in the handset manufacturers product roadmaps.
Gemalto's SCWS residing on the SIM, stores HTML Web pages and servlets, which subscribers can view through the handset browser, reducing the time taken to access their operator's mobile Internet portal," adds Ms.
SCWS also comes equipped with software called 'Service Portal,' which is designed to make home screens and menus more consistent across different phone models and subscriber segments.