SCXISignal Conditioning Extensions for Instrumentation
SCXISignal Conditioning Extension for Instrumentation
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StrainDAQ-px is a PC-based solution utilizing the National Instruments PXI-1010 combination chassis for PXI/CompactPCI and SCXI modules.
Each DAQ module is cabled to a SCXI signal-conditioning chassis.
Four new modules for making sound and vibration, position, and voltage measurements expands line of high-performance SCXI product line for PC-based data acquisition.
A PC-based model uses PXI-1010 combination chassis for PXI/CompactPCI and SCXI modules.
Based on the reliability of National Instruments SCXI and PXI platforms, StrainDAQ features signal conditioning input in 32 channel increments, extreme application flexibility, and multiple scan rates at a low per channel cost.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Automated test engineers now can significantly reduce switch system hardware setup time with the new National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) USB switch mainframes, which introduce plug-and-play switch control to the SCXI platform.
Similarly, NTs SCXI and SCC Modules provide signal conditioning and isolation separate from the data acquisition hardware.
National Instruments has expanded its switch product line with four high-density PXI and SCXI switch modules.
Because SCXI is modular and flexible architecture, computer-based switches are ideally suited for use in production test, automated test equipment, and data acquisition applications where high-frequency signals need routing or switching to system.
The thermocouples were connected to a National Instrument SCXI data acquisition system.
Built on National Instruments' SCXI or PXI platforms, StrainDAQ provides a modular, versatile solution that is available in two formats.