SCYShort Course Yards (swimming)
SCYSuomen Collieyhdistys (Finnish: Finnish Collie Association)
SCYSociety for Children and Youth (British Columbia, Canada)
SCYScience Created by You (EU)
SCYSydney Croatian Youth (Australia)
SCYSouth County YMCA (Peace Dale, RI)
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from SCY slopes were compared to estimate whether selection acts in
the numbers of middle-aged adults in SCY were significantly lower than
fact, SCY is much easier to reach than is NCY, and excess human
Vegetative growth in both NCY and SCY was measured and compared for
Transaction considered non-dilutive to existing SCY shareholders,
The share exchange transaction was contemplated and outlined in the Loan and Option Agreement, entered into between SCY and SIL in June 2014.
SIL and SCY agreed that consolidating 100% ownership of Nyngan and Honeybugle within SCY would potentially allow for a wider array of project financing structures, to better optimize the cost of capital for the Nyngan Scandium Project.