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Therefore, we studied 1289 participants enrolled in a multicenter, prospective study of disease outcomes in community-dwelling older women, the Study of Osteoporotic Fractures (SOF), who had existing measures of both SCr and Scysc, and compared the ability of the new BIS1 (SCr-based) and BIS2 (SCr and Scysc-based) equations to guideline-recommended [] and [,cysc] equations, respectively, to predict incident all-cause and CVD death.
Of these, 1289 women with measurements of both SCr and Scysc at the time of the Year 10 exam and data available regarding vital status through April 2012 comprised the analytical cohort for this study.
SCr and Scysc levels were measured on these previously frozen serum samples.
eGFR2 = 127.7 X [(-0.105 + 1.13 X ScysC).sup.-1.17]
X ScysC).sup.-0.57] X [age.sup.-0.20] (X 0.82, if female)
where Scr is standardized serum creatinine and ScysC is standardized serum cystatin C concentration in mg/L (1 mg/L = 74.9 nmol/L).