SD1Start Deutsch 1 (German language program)
SD1Shigella Dysenteriae Type 1
SD1School District #1 (Powell, WY)
SD1Sanitation District No. 1 of Northern Kentucky (Wright, KY)
SD1Steward First Class (Naval Rating)
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The FM group presented with significantly lower rMSSD (F = 11.107; P = 0.003), HF (nu) (F = 2.386; P = 0.036), and SD1 (F = 10.410; P = 0.003) values compared to control at rest.
Formulations SD1, SD2, SD3, SD7, SD8, SD9, and SD11 exhibited Fickian diffusion, whereas, SD4, SD5, SD6, SD10, and SD12 exhibited non-Fickian diffusion.
This plot is characterized by two standard descriptors (SD1, SD2) as defined below:
Two faults were induced during sample failure and are highlighted in red and blue where the red fault was induced during SD1 and the blue fault during SD2.
These fields were further subdivided as M1, M2, and M3 at Mach coal field, SD1, SD2 and SD3 at So-range-Degari and C1, C2 and C3 at Chamalong coal field.
Siete pares de cerdas tactiles (D1, D2, SD1, SD2, L1, SV1, V1) y tres pares de microcerdas (MDI, MSD1, MSD2).
Different from [19] which used three features [(SD1.sub.hl] - [SD2.sub.hl], [SD1.sub.lh] - [SD2.sub.lh], [SD1.sub.hh] - [SD2.sub.hh)], we used only one feature [(SD1.sub.hh] - [SD2.sub.hh)] of difference of standard deviation of HH region of wavelet transform which were obtained from two images shown by center and side illuminators, respectively.
The police line-up will include an MGA roadster from Lancashire, a Humber Super Snipe estate from Hampshire (the last one in existence), a Jaguar 340 from Somerset & Bath, a Range Rover from Greater Manchester (this force had the largest fleet of Range Rovers in Britain), a Rover SD1 from London, and a Series III Jaguar XJ6 - just one of 16 cars Hampshire Constabulary originally operated.
As respostas da FC foram coletadas pelo cardiofrequencimetro (Polar S810i, Polar Eletro Oy, Finlandia) e a VFC foi determinada pela Plotagem de Poincare atraves de seus indices SD1 e SD2, sendo consideradas as diferencas entre os intervalos RR adjacentes.
An SPI-compatible serial interface allows configuration of the ADC using the SD1 input.