SD2Steward Second Class (Naval Rating)
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The variable SD2 was used because it represents the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system activity, and this variable shows a non-linear pattern in intensities close to heavy and severe domains (3).
That new salary is paid half by SD2, and half by a group of local businesses and foundations, including Brown's.
The SD2 and SDNN indices reflects the total HRV (sympathetic and parasympathetic modulation) (Task Force, 1996) and some investigators consider the SDNN index to represent the sympathetic limb of the autonomic nervous system (Ranpuria et al.
SD2 * PANEL: Gaining Sales Advantage: Sales Optimization Tools, Techniques, & Technology MODERATOR: Paul Greenberg, The 56 Group 9:00 a.
Solubilisation zone and solubilisation index of different rhizobacterial isolates as observed on Pikoskaya's media Isolate Genus Solibilisation zone Solubilisation (Radius in mm) Index SD2 Pseudomonas 8.
SD2 assesses the dispersion of points belonging to the Poincare plot along the line of identity and portrays both long- and short-term HRV.
It is suggested that index SD1 is a measure of short-term heart rate variability and index SD2 is a measure of longterm heart variability.
We employed the Anabat SD2 to actively monitor bat occurrences, moving around the palm oases to maximize bat detections.
All Anabat detectors (Anabat II and SD2 units) were calibrated before the surveys using an ultrasonic sound emitter to ensure consistent detector sensitivity (Larson & Hayes 2000) and were set with a sensitivity setting near 7 for all units.
In order to expose the rice developmental stages (vegetative and reproductive stages) to different high air temperature regimes, three sowing dates were assigned as the main-plots; early sowing date (5 May): SD1, optimum sowing date (25 May): SD2, late sowing date (14 June): SD3.