SD2Sonic Drift 2 (video game)
SD2Steward Second Class (Naval Rating)
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However, the p-values of SD2 show that January is weakly dominating over all non-January months at the second order of SD except the month of December.
Regarding HRV in the time domain, the SW group showed lower values in all evaluated indexes (VARR-RR, SDNN, RMSSD, SD1, and SD2) when compared with the BW group and with the HC group.
In the both seated and supine postures 30 mins of JD increased the following measures of HRV from baseline; SDNN, RMSSD, SD1 and SD2. JD increased SDDN (Seated: BL, 40 [+ or -] 5 ms vs.
The variable SD2 was used because it represents the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system activity, and this variable shows a non-linear pattern in intensities close to heavy and severe domains (3).
That new salary is paid half by SD2, and half by a group of local businesses and foundations, including Brown's.
Regarding HRV analysis, SDNN, TINN, and SD2 indices were weakened during endodontic treatment (T3) compared to after treatment (T4).
The sensitivity factors SD1, SD2, ST1, and ST2 are calculated numerically when BHWCs are in different configurations.
However, an increase in SD2 and SDNN from 30% of 1RM compared with values at rest was only apparent in the CADG (Figure 2C and D).
It was also agreed the price for gas from the Shah Deniz-2 (SD2) was to be even higher due to ever growing project costs.
The length of the cloud along the line-of-identity measures the long-term HRV and is measured by SD2, which is the standard deviation around the long axis.
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The delay in sowing by one month from 15th November (SD1) to 15th December (SD2) significantly decreased plant height.