SD5School District 5 (Kalispell, Montana; Southeast Kootenay, Canada)
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It may be odd, but the country needs both PDU30 and SD5.
of DI (%) ([degrees]C) SD1 1 160 SD2 2 160 SD3 3 160 SD4 1 170 SD5 2 170 SD6 3 170 SD7 1 175 SD8 2 175 SD9 3 175 SD10 1 180 SD11 2 180 SD12 3 180 Formulation Composition and codes formulation parameters Outlet temp.
Most of there signature partners show large amplitude staggering with the exception of [sup.193]Hg (SD1, SD2), [sup.193]Pb (SD5, SD6) and [sup.195]Pb (SD3, SD4).
Las puntuaciones son bajas en Autodireccion, siendo las mas bajas en SD1 y SD3, seguidas de SD5. Son moderadamente bajas en Dependencia a recompensas y en algunas de sus subescalas, tales como RD3 y RD4.
The new SD5 coder is a feature-packed unit capable of producing high quality date and lot codes--in either intermittent or continuous mode--at speeds to match the latest high-speed wrapping equipment.
SafeShred SD5, pounds 14.99, Argos (0870 600 8784) Professional looking, with a metallic-effect lid and a 10-litre bin capacity.
The ranking of the relative robustness of measurement is obtained after weighting the standard deviations within the five measurements (SD5) with the standard deviations among all 51 logs involved in the measurement accuracy test (SD51) (see Table 4).
In boring AMS-5645 material with Grade SD5 inserts at 500 sfm, 0.006 ipr feed, and 0.030" DOC, performance increased from two to five parts per corner.
Optimization of a bioactive exopolysaccharide production from endophytic Fusarium solani SD5. Carbohydr.