SD50School District #50 (Westminster, CO)
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Additionally, in order to discover possible auditory disorders and to investigate air conduction thresholds and speech audiometry, a Danplex model DA65 audiometer and a Siemens model SD50 immittance meter were used to measure tympanometry and acoustic reflexes.
An SD50 audiometer (Siemens, Germany) with a TDH39 headphone (Telephonics, USA) for air-conduction stimulation and a KH70 transducer (Grahnert-Pracitronic, Germany) for bone-conduction stimulation were used which are established in the clinical routine.
Other items that will be displayed are the TP100 grade for finish, medium and rough turning, the SD50 extended-length indexable-insert drills, the 50R2, 63R2, and the 80R2 indexable drilling line shanks, and a line of brazed tipped drills in inch and metric diameters.