SDABSubdivision and Development Appeal Board (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
SDABSan Diego Academy of Ballet (San Diego, CA)
SDABSouth Dakota Association of the Blind (Sioux Falls, SD)
SDABSurface-Decalcified Allogeneic Bone (implants)
SDABSequence-Dependent Anisotropic Bendability
SDABSelf-Directed Aggressive Behavior
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Of the five SCF siting cases in the last five years, two were discretionary uses requiring development permits only, and both were appealed to the SDAB by the concerned community associations after being granted the development permits.
The SDAB upheld the appeal and overturned the DA's decision to grant the development permit (Subdivision and Development Appeal Board 2007), arguing that the facility siter had not adequately addressed some valid concerns raised by the community.
Assuming an appeal to the SDAB during the development permit process, two planning bodies make permit decisions: the DA and then the SDAB.
Affected persons or neighbors of an ILO usually become involved either at the initial decision-making level or at the SDAB level.
Randox will provide expertise in antibody engineering and make available its collection of new and future immunotherapeutic SdAbs to be used as vectorized payloads.
By locally expressing one or several SdAbs in the TME, the viral-based approach promises to optimize the efficacy of the encoded therapeutic agents, while reducing their associated side effects, often reported after systemic administration.