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With the consideration of the air temperature rise through the branch fan, the cooling air temperature [T.sub.CA] is controlled to be 11[degrees]C (52[degrees]F), which makes the supply air temperature close to 13[degrees]C (55[degrees]F) the same as SDAHUs under the design cooling condition.
In this mode, the TB reheat coil starts to work in SDAHUs. However, in a DBAHU, the return air is introduced into the branch air to increase the branch air temperature without the TB reheat.
For SDAHUs, the cooling airflow is the same as the branch airflow; therefore, the cooling airflow rate (which passes through the cooling coil) is the sum of all branch airflow rates and can be calculated using Equation 5.
For SDAHUs, the fan power, cooling coil load and the TB reheat are calculated using Equations 6, 18, 3b, and 4b, respectively.
These C[O.sub.2] and humidity models can also be used for SDAHUs, where the cooling airflow rate [m.sub.CA,i] is equal to the branch airflow rate [m.sub.BA,i].
In the DBAHU the supply air temperature is controlled for each branch separately, while in the SDAHUs there is one supply air temperature.