SDALSüleyman Demirel Anadolu Lisesi
SDALSpatial Data Analysis Laboratory (various schools)
SDALSupply Demand Analysis (ERP function)
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NavTech technologies in the Auto PC evaluation kit include SDAL, a comprehensive data access software environment that delivers a common media format and enables CD-ROM interchangeability across navigation applications, and NavTools, a suite of software libraries containing high-level algorithms used for building robust navigation applications.
Device makers already recognize the utility and importance of navigation for enhancing the driving experience," said Amy Hart Phillips, Navigation Technologies Corporation's SDAL product manager.
NavTech sources say it will go public later this Fall with the first and most critical piece of SDAL by publishing its physical storage format (SDAL PSF) specification.
The navigation market has doubled every couple of years, especially in Europe," says NavTech's Vice President of OEM Marketing, Salahuddin Khan, "but a solution like SDAL can make the difference between companies being profitable in two years versus five years.
NavTech, makers of the world's most widely used navigable map database for CD-ROMs, first announced SDAL as an interim standards solution in October '97 at the ITS World Congress in Berlin with a pledge to make the specification open to the industry later in '98.
Working at full throttle to publish the SDAL PSF specification, NavTech meanwhile says it will hold off on publishing the specification for the far less critical Database Application Programming Interface (SDAL DAPI).
Quick and Easy Development -- NavTech provides SDAL users with a tool to help design, test and listen to their message list as well as an API that allows decompression of the ADPCM format to 16 bit linear PCM.
This latest enhancement to SDAL brings more functionality and features to developers of navigation systems who want to take advantage of SDAL's interoperability as well as differentiate their products.
SDAL provides the industry with a single solution to simplify distribution and logistics, and stimulate end-user demand.
Licensing the SDAL compiler will maximize system suppliers' flexibility by eliminating the cost to develop or maintain a compiler, and significantly shortens time-to-market for new entrants or companies considering a switch in platforms.
Access to the SDAL compiler is particularly important for companies looking to launch new platforms because of the reduced cost and time-to- market, " said John MacLeod, EVP Sales & Marketing, North America & World Markets, Navigation Technologies.
We are very excited about Navigation Technologies' new initiative for SDAL," said Ken Liu, CEO of InfoGation, which develops software for navigation systems like Clarion AutoPC(TM) and Joyride(TM).