SDANGSouth Dakota Air National Guard (Sioux Falls, SD)
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the Chags sdang controversy), the passage under study is nonetheless precious.
(21) rnam par mi 'tshe ba gang zhe na/zhe sdang med pa'i char gtogs pa/snying rje ba'i sems nyid de/ tho mi 'tsham pa'i las can no// This is my English translation from Tibetan, in reference to Abhidharmasamuccaya The Compendium of the Higher Teaching (Philosophy) (11).
ZHE Zhe sdang rdo rje, Theg pa chen po'i bstan pa'i snying po legs bshad lung gi rgya mtsho, Bstan sning yig cha (Bir: The Bir Tibetan Society, 1974), 227-659.