SDANNStandard Deviation of the Averages of NN (Normal Sinus to Normal Sinus) Intervals in All 5-Minute Segments of a 24-Hour Recording (cardiology)
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The main finding of our study is that HRV and HRT parameters mostly affected from parasympathetic system (RMSSD, pNN50, HFnu, TO and TS) are better in the CRT group however those parameters mainly related to sympathetic system activation (SDNN, SDANN, SDNN index and LFnu) are similar in CRT and ICD patients who had similar functional capacity.
Among the time-domain HRV parameters, SDNN, SDANN and SDNN index were found to be similar in both groups.
In contrast, soot-only exposure had no significant effect on SDANN (Figure 3F).
Sympathetic blockade significantly decreased SDNN (Figure 5B, C), SDNNIDX (Figure 5E), and SDANN (Figure 5F) but had no significant effect on rMSSD (Figure 5D).
2]), m--male, nuHF--HF power in normalized units (nuHF=HF/HF+LF), nuLF-LF power in normalized units (nuLF=LF/HF+LF), RMSSD (ms)--the square root of the mean of the sum of the squares of differences between adjacent NN intervals, SDANN (ms)-standard deviation of the averages of NN intervals in all 5 min segments of the entire recording, SDNN (ms)-standard deviation of all NN intervals, SDNN index (ms)-mean of the standard deviations of all NN intervals for all 5 min segments of the entire recording, this variant is possible counting all such NN intervals pairs or only pairs in which the first or the second interval is longer, TP--total power ([ms.
These results indicated associations between decrements in SDNN, SDANN, and TRII in relation to increases in both P[M.
5] was associated with both SDNN and SDANN at lags up to 4 hr but not at 24 hr.
In our study population of individuals with coronary artery disease, we identified PM-associated decreases in SDNN, SDANN, and TRII, but little relationship with r-MSSD.
Mean heart rate was included in some of the models for SDNN, SDANN, and r-MSSD.
5] were consistently associated with declines in all three measures of HRV, SDNN, SDANN, and r-MSSD.
5] associations with r-MSSD but not SDNN, SDANN, or CRP were significantly different from linear (p < 0.
SDNN and SDANN (but not r-MSSD) were significantly negatively associated with particulate air pollution.