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SDAPSociaal-Democratische Arbeiders Partij (Dutch: social democratic workers party)
SDAPService Départemental de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine
SDAPSpecial Duty Assignment Pay
SDAPSozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands (German: Social Democratic Workers Party of Germany)
SDAPShared Device Access Protocol
SDAPSoap and Detergent Association of the Philippines
SDAPStandard Document Application Profile
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The finding indicates that SDAP can be useful for predicting previously unidentified cross-reactive epitopes, based on their similarity to known IgE epitopes.
The first signal for such a breakthrough was that in 1946, social democrats, progressive Protestants, and left-leaning liberals founded the Labor Party (PvdA) to be the successor of the SDAP.
According to its origin we can classify SDAP into "spray dried porcine plasma" (SDPP) and "spray dried bovine plasma" (SDBP), which are of porcine and bovine origin, respectively.
The report concludes that despite the considerable progress made with implementing the SDAP recommendations, there has been little impact on trends in food consumption in Scotland over the last ten years.
Hopefully this will answer the reader's question about why career counselors get SDAP.
Workers were engaged as much or more by the burgeoning mass and commercial culture as by the officially-sponsored SDAP culture.
Atinav's list of implemented profiles now includes: GAP - SDAP - SPP - LAP - DUN - GOEP - OPP - SYN - HSP - HFP - FTP - HID - A2DP - AVRCP - GAVDP - PAN - SIM Access - BIP - BPP and HCRP.
This makes for a complex dynamic, particularly when you correlate the joint basing criteria with ongoing Army efforts like SDAP and the building of the Global Network Enterprise Construct.
1) The E895 supports Bluetooth profiles GAP, OPP, SDAP, SPP, HSP AG, HFP AG, DUN GW, A2DP, AVRCP, BPP, FTP, and JSR 82 (2) Network dependent feature, not available in all areas.
IMS Functional Mapping to ControlSwitch Elements (in TISPAN Terminology) TISPAN IMS Veraz element I/S-CSCF SEE (protocol agnostic logic) + protocol specific call/session controllers MGCF CCE MRFC CCE BGCF SEE P-CSCF ASE IBCF ICE IWF ICE SGF SG UPSF (term used for HSS in SDAP TISPAN) SLF PE ASF SEE (service logic) + PE (service policy); third party applications Charging Functions EC/CDR T-MGF I-Gate 4000/PRO; third parties MRFP Media Server in I-Gate 4000 PRO; third party media servers Service Broker / Coordinator SEE (service logic) + PE (service (in MSF or 3GPP) policy) (c)2005, Veraz Networks, Inc.
The revisions adjust SDAP levels for active and Reserve component full-time support (FTS) Sailors, but the majority of SDAP pay remains unchanged from 2008.
Sterling introduced its "first truly integral package" for portable drying and conveying, the SDAP series.