SDARSSatellite Digital Audio Radio Services
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a combined Sirius/XM will be the only provider of SDARS to consumers, with no economically meaningful competition from any other supplier;
the regulatory "fixes" that Sirius and XM have offered to date in an effort to remedy the effects of their monopoly stranglehold over SDARS are inadequate in terms of structure, scope, and duration.
The resulting Sirius/XM monopoly power will be protected from challenge by extraordinarily high barriers to entry -- in the form of the unavailability of usable spectrum, high-cost infrastructure requirements, high sunk costs, and an installed customer base that makes it virtually impossible for any new SDARS competitor to contest the stranglehold that Sirius and XM will have over the SDARS market.
The highly integrated Si2211 and Si2212 are the industry's only SDARS tuners implemented in 100 percent CMOS.
The Si2211 and Si2212 build upon our success in satellite radio with the RF synthesizers by providing the best performing and most integrated SDARS solution on the market.
Implemented in 100 percent CMOS, the Si2210 reduces the required board space by 60 percent and component count by 70 percent, significantly lowering the bill of materials for SDARS applications.
To simplify design, the Si2210 implements a highly integrated superheterodyne architecture, allowing SDARS radio manufacturers to significantly reduce cost while leveraging existing and future baseband technology platforms.
Using the Si2211, customers can further reduce the number of external components required by implementing a single SAW architecture, while the Si2212 provides the most advanced diversity antenna solution for the SDARS market.
Vehicular SDARS models include "On-Glass"(R), rooftop, long haul truck and marine options.
These solutions are also available for use by original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and producers of after-market SDARS radios.
Our new Low-Profile SDARS Antenna offers satellite radio system manufacturers, car manufacturers and end-users the solution they have been searching for," said Gary Kuck, CEO of Centurion.
Unlike traditional patch, helix or dipole satellite radio antennas, the compact, low-profile SDARS Antenna does not detract from the intended aesthetics of the vehicle while maintaining a reliable, high-quality connection.