SDARSSatellite Digital Audio Radio Services
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The success of SDARS depends on maximizing the strength of the signal that reaches the earth, which in turn depends on satellite transmission power, the elevation angle of the signal and other factors.
Given the extreme scarcity of spectrum allocated for SDARS -- there is only that which is licensed to Sirius and XM -- we again urge the Commission to deny the merger unless it conditions approval of the merger upon a lease for the purpose of providing an independent voice for satellite audio consumers and establishing competition to the resulting merged entity.
a combined Sirius/XM will be the only provider of SDARS to consumers, with no economically meaningful competition from any other supplier;
RecepTec systems and products cater to all vehicle reception requirements, including AM/FM radio, TV, cell phones, GPS, DAB and SDARS.
RecepTec systems and products cater for all vehicle reception requirements, including AM/FM, TV, cell phones, GPS, DAB and SDARS.
When the FCC originally granted the SDARS licenses to XM and SIRIUS, the Commission concluded that the public interest was served and that it "includes the protection of competition not competitors.
The highly integrated Si2211 and Si2212 are the industry's only SDARS tuners implemented in 100 percent CMOS.
Yazaki's Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector is a plug-and-play standard interface between infotainment devices and add-on devices; FAKRA Connection Systems provides high frequency RF applications including SDARS, GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile TV, Cell phones, Vehicular Internet Connections, and Remote Vehicle Diagnostics.
Implemented in 100 percent CMOS, the Si2210 reduces the required board space by 60 percent and component count by 70 percent, significantly lowering the bill of materials for SDARS applications.
The start of volume production of our digital satellite antenna product for SDARS applications is a major milestone in our continued effort to diversify our end markets," stated Robert Van Buskirk, president and CEO of Sirenza Microdevices.
Vehicular SDARS models include "On-Glass"(R), rooftop, long haul truck and marine options.