SDASSecondary Dendrite Arm Spacing (metallurgy)
SDASSystem Design and Architecture Specification (computing)
SDASSouth Dakota Advocacy Services
SDASSkilled Designated Area Sponsored (Australia immigration)
SDASScience Data Analysis Software
SDASSouth Downs Astronomical Society (UK)
SDASSource Data Automation System
SDASSeismic Data Acquisition System
SDASSuper Data Acquisition Systems
SDASSwitch Database Administration Subsystem
SDASShared Demand Assignment Signaling
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The secondary dendrite arm spacing (SDAS) values were measured using the line intercept method shown in Figure 1(e).
Victorino retained her forecast that the central bank will hike both the main policy rate and SDA rate by 25 basis points this month to stay on top of inflation.
SDAS measurements were taken on selective test bars samples (Table 3).The results show the cast iron chills produced equivalent or smaller SDAS than the composite chills, and the SDAS was more uniform across the plate width in the cast iron chill samples.
Image analysis technique was used to measure SDAS using the line interception method taking at least 30 measurements at different locations on the surface of the samples.
The effect of the helium flow rate, flow direction and mold design on average as-cast grain size, SDAS and room temperature tensile properties were investigated and compared to castings produced in the typical sand casting process.
The yield for special deposit accounts (SDA)-2.5 percent today-may also be used.
It was found that the overall SDAS of region C was up to 23% larger than that of region E; hence, region C had a longer solidification time (Fig.
One religious group which has incorporated its health teachings in its doctrines is the Seventh Day Adventists (SDAs).
Guinigundo said this was the reason why the BSP banned non-pooled funds in SDAs to begin with, to encourage more lending to the productivity sectors and also to the government's public-private partnership infrastructure program.
Moorland, within the severely disadvantaged areas (SDAs), is the third "region" on which farmers will be paid under the new single farm payment scheme, part of the CAP reforms announced earlier this year.
The first two hypotheses cannot be completely eliminated unless the secondary dendrite arm spacing (SDAS) results are analyzed, as the SDAS values are good indicators of local solidification times within a casting.
Bello made the call when he received briefings from the various Secretariats, Departments and Agencies (SDAs) of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), on Wednesday in Abuja.