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SDBSleep-Disordered Breathing
SDBSmall Diameter Bomb
SDBSalesians of Don Bosco (religious order)
SDBSociety for Developmental Biology
SDBSafety Deposit Box
SDBSavino del Bene (Italian logistics company)
SDBSyndicat des Biologistes (French: Union of Biologists)
SDBService Dress Blue (Naval Uniform)
SDBSystem Defense Boat (generic starship type; SFRPG Traveller)
SDBSelective Directed Broadcast
SDBSwitched Digital Broadcast
SDBSupport Data Base
SDBSprite Database
SDBSelf-Defeating Behavior
SDBShort Data Burst
SDBStandards Development Board
SDBService Directive Bulletin
SDBSerial Data Bus
SDBSoftware Development Block (Infosys Technologies, Ltd.)
SDBSystem Determined Blocksize (IBM mainframes)
SDBService Delivery Budget
SDBSwitched Digital Broadband
SDBSydney Dragon Blades
SDBSmall Dual Beam (electron microscope)
SDBSimply da Best (gmaing clan)
SDBShallow Draft Barge (marine transport)
SDBStorage and Data Brokering
SDBSkill Development Base
SDBStefano de Blasio (kitchen retailer)
SDBSystems Definition Branch
SDBSpeed Differential Blank
SDBSelf-Dual Binary (code)
SDBStatistics Display Board
SDBStrategic Direction Board
SDBSystems Design Board
SDBShallow Draft Board (US NASA)
SDBSecondary Data Bus
SDBSales Development Budget
SDBSarvodaya Development Bank (Sri Lanka)
SDBSelf-Directed Brokerage (investment account)
SDBSalle de Bains (French: bathroom)
SDBSmall Disadvantaged Business
SDBSan Diego Ballet (San Diego, CA)
SDBSeventh Day Baptist (est. 1671)
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iA's defense also denied that the Serbian SDB leadership controlled Dragan VasiljkoviA, also known as Captain Dragan, who trained and led a Serb special unit of fighters in the KninA
Among the dry-aged groups, SDB showed the highest number of bacteria, which was not expected as most of the previous studies have reported that the bag could inhibit microbial contamination [11,13].
Results of meta-analyses demonstrate that there is strong evidence supporting the influence of SDB on attention, vigilance, memory - verbal immediate recall, delayed long-term visual and verbal recall, verbal learning - executive function, and visuospatial/constructional abilities.
From the [Table 1], we found that the EEG arousals indices were significantly different between SDB and control groups ( P < 0.
The definitive diagnostic test for SDB is an overnight sleep study that takes place in a laboratory.
The prevalence, incidence, and severity of SDB and its impact on pregnancy remain undetermined," Dr.
Fifteen rock samples (close to the potential SDB location in the section) for geochemical analysis were measured and analysed in the laboratory of the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry (GIG), Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Interestingly, SDB and lack of sleep were equally strong risk factors for obesity, but their effects were independent of each other.
SDB preferences are primarily manifested in legislation that establishes goals and set-asides for contract awards.
Todd not only offered a look into the situation, he also made it a point to state what SDB owners should do to combat the situation.
SDB, set up in London in the late nineteenth century, runs five UK secondary schools including Bootle's Savio Salesian College.
When the researchers did consider body mass, they found that lean patients (defined as having a body mass index less than 25) with SDB did possess several specific and non-specific biomarkers of AD risk (increased P-Tau and T-Tau in CSF, hippocampal atrophy using structural MRI, and glucose hypometabolism using FDG-PET in several AD-vulnerable regions).