SDBCSan Diego Bicycle Club
SDBCSouthern Dune Buggy Club (UK)
SDBCSemi-Dense Bituminous Concrete (transportation engineering)
SDBCStorage Device Block Cache
SDBCSmall Disadvantaged Business Concern
SDBCSingle Deck Bulk Carrier (cargo ship)
SDBCSemi-Deterministic Broadcast Channel
SDBCSomerset Drainage Boards Consortium (UK)
SDBCSouth Dakota Bicycle Coalition (Sioux Falls, SD)
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In 2007, and ironically as a result of insights gained from the parent advisory group, SDBC plumped for a label with handwritten-style annotations--a move that targeted the product specifically at mums rather than their kids.
It had been a challenge to make the drink healthier without compromising the flavour children liked, said Lee Taylor, international technical director at SDBC.
year ago), SDBC is taking the brand national with its direct store distribution partners.
We are proud of our sustainability achievements to date, but it is a journey without end," said Billy Cyr, president and chief executive officer of SDBC.
At SDBC, we truly believe in a piece of old Native American wisdom: 'We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
In 2007, SDBC established a plan to decrease the calories of the company's beverages from an average of 92 calories per eight-fluid ounce serving to an average of 50 calories per serving.
Divn bitumenous macadam and 25 mm thick SDBC on link holder road from pothey to Malla (L=2.
The proceeds from this sale will enable SDBC to be debt-free and to focus its resources on growing its much larger and more diversified North American business.
Tenders are invited for RoSpecial Repair to Gurunthi Bhabandha Road such as providing BM and SDBC from 0/0 to 2/500 km and renewal coat with SDBC from 2/500 to 7/0 km at stretches by paver finisher during 2015-16.
Our 2009 achievements are a great testament to the tenacity of our employees who have embraced sustainability with a passion," said SDBC sustainability officer, Ellen Iobst.
Socially, SDBC is enhancing well-being through efficiency improvements that allow more resources to be available for use by everyone.