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The 24h MBG, SDBG and MAGE in the study group were higher than those in the control group, and the difference was statistically significant (P< 0.05), as shown in Table-II.
And the study found that the dynamic blood glucose parameters of 24h MBG, SDBG and MAGE were higher in patients with acute cerebral infarction and type 2 diabetes than in non-type 2 diabetes patients with acute cerebral infarction.
Let SDBG be the standard deviation of f(t) = [t.sub.1], [t.sub.2], ..., [t.sub.L]).
A valid amplitude is labeled and counted when it is bigger than SDBG. To compute MAGE, these valid amplitudes of function f should be firstly searched.
After reaching the blood glucose target, glucose fluctuations as determined by MAGE, SDBG, FGE, and MODD were similar in both treatment groups.
In the present study, glycemic excursions, as measured by MAGE, SDBG, and MBG, were similarly controlled with basal insulin plus OHAs and CSII.
There were no significant differences seen in MAGE, 24 h MBG, SDBG, fasting blood glucose, and NGE between two groups in patients with new diagnosis of T2DM.
Our present CGMS data showed no statistical significances in 24 h MBG (6.49 [+ or -] 0.10 versus 6.49 [+ or -] 0.15 mmol/L), the glucose concentration per hour, MAGE (3.33 [+ or -] 0.27 versus 3.18[+ or -]0.19 mmol/L), SDBG (1.30[+ or -]0.08 versus 1.28 [+ or -] 0.06 mmol/L), NGE (4.54 [+ or -] 0.27 versus 4.60 [+ or -] 0.21 times), and 10.0 mmol/L as the cut-off point calculation with the blood glucose area under the curve (0.04 [+ or -] 0.01 versus 0.04 [+ or -] 0.01 mmol/L per day) and the duration of blood glucose (3.00 [+ or -] 0.86 versus 3.00 [+ or -] 0.78%) between the group Asp and group Lis in patients with newly diagnosed T2DM.
Greg Mayes, vice president of Corporate Development and General Counsel of Unigene, stated, "SDBG was the one remaining non-core asset that did not fit Unigene's high valuation drug development and oral peptide drug delivery strategy We have now found an excellent home for this otherwise valuable asset.
Murphy remarked, "I recognize the tremendous value in the Site Directed Bone Growth Program and also recognized Unigene's need to focus on the strength of its oral delivery platform and cleanly exit the collaboration we began several years ago." Murphy added, "With the IP necessary to exploit this invention squarely in the hands of my company, we will quickly be able to move SDBG into a proof of concept study."
In return for the patents assignment, Unigene will receive sales royalties in excess of 7% and will receive 40% of any future licensing revenue and/or 40% of all considerations received upon the subsequent sale of the SDBG patent portfolio by Kieran Murphy.
The LAGE, MAGE, and SDBG of the patients in the CSII + Sig group were all significantly lower than those of the CSII group after the intervention (P < 0.01).