SDBOTSpartan Dominion Robot (forums)
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The top ten in alphabetical order is: Adware-180; Adware-Gator; Exploit-ByteVerify; Exploit-MhtRedir; JS/Noclose; W32/Bagle; W32/Mydoom; W32/Netsky; W32/Sasser; W32/Sdbot (family including sdbot, gaobot, polybot, spybot).
By 17 August F-Secure reportedly found nine more instances of malware using the same exploit code to spread, including variants of the Ircbot, SDBot and Bozori families.
According to Cybertrust, a number of worms and trojans such as Zotob, Backdoor.Mousey and Sdbot exploit the MS05-039 Plug and Play (PnP) vulnerability.