SDBPSociety for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
SDBPSupine Diastolic Blood Pressure
SDBPShochu Distillery By-Product
SDBPState Density Bonus Program (housing; California)
SDBPSystolic Digital Blood Pressure
SDBPSan Diego BLAACK (Basic Link to African American Community Knowledge) Pages (est. 1995; California)
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Essential amino acid composition and apparent ileal digestibility of different spray dried plasma sources SDPP Ileal digestibility for piglets AA content (%) (%) (3) SDAP (1) SDPP (2) SDBP (2) Apparent True Arginine 4.
A few of CMP's recent and upcoming international efforts include Software Development Best Practices (SDBP) India, SDBP Moscow, Exchange Eastern Europe, Embedded Systems Conference China, Black Hat Europe, Interop Moscow, and Interop Tokyo.