SDBPSociety for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
SDBPSupine Diastolic Blood Pressure
SDBPSan Diego BLAACK (Basic Link to African American Community Knowledge) Pages (est. 1995; California)
SDBPShochu Distillery By-Product
SDBPState Density Bonus Program (housing; California)
SDBPSystolic Digital Blood Pressure
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As clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, he founded the Child Development Unit, a multidisciplinary training program for pediatric fellows, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and a range of short- as well as long-term learners of other disciplines, who subsequently have spread his attitudes about the value of the early years as leaders in departments of pediatrics, foundations, the American Academy of Pediatrics, SDBP, Zero to Three, etc.
The response of weaning piglets to spray dried plasma from porcine (SDPP), bovine (SDBP), and mixed or unknown (SDAP) origin are presented in Table 3.
Essential amino acid composition and apparent ileal digestibility of different spray dried plasma sources SDPP Ileal digestibility for piglets AA content (%) (%) (3) SDAP (1) SDPP (2) SDBP (2) Apparent True Arginine 4.55 4.47 4.70 73 87 Histidine 2.55 2.51 2.45 77 88 Isoleucine 2.71 2.79 2.53 77 88 Leucine 7.61 7.44 7.63 77 87 Lysine 6.84 6.84 7.43 76 88 Methionine 0.75 0.62 0.95 72 82 Cystine 2.63 3.03 3.16 -- -- Phenylalanine 4.42 4.43 4.25 75 86 Tyrosine 3.53 3.79 3.89 -- -- Threonine 4.72 4.54 5.54 71 84 Tryptophan 1.36 1.36 1.45 -- -- Valine 4.94 5.07 5.64 72 84 (1) NRC (1988).
Probability of Sustained Elevation in Supine Diastolic Blood Pressure (SDBP) with Venlafaxine Incidence of Dose of Venlafaxine, Sustained Elevation mg/d in SDBP% Placebo 2 [less than is equal to 100] 3 101-200 5 210-300 7 >300 13 Drug Interactions
In Spring 1993, we used the TC model to design a NSF engineering and technology program called the SDBP. The purpose of the program, which is now in its third year, is to help eligible minority students (African-American, American Indian, Pacific Islander/Alaska Native, or U.S.
In Summer 1993, ASU and South Mountain Community College collaborated for the first time and received an NSF grant through the Coalition to Increase Minority Degrees to conduct the 5-week summer residential SDBP. In that year, the SDBP was one of only nine summer bridge programs that received funding and the only bridge program that was a collaborative effort.
There are many ways to implement the TC model, and the SDBP is an example of one way in which to interpret that implementation.
In addition to a strong academic emphasis, the SDBP includes an important social component.
Highlighting the SDBP's mission and values, the papers present "a developmental framework for understanding pediatric obesity and informing interventions that work," according to Guest Editors Carolyn E.