SDBSSpectral Data Base System (organic compounds)
SDBSSodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate
SDBSSoftware and Database Systems
SDBSSan Diego Bluegrass Society
SDBSSoftware Defined Base Station (computer architecture)
SDBSStandard Base Distribution System
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Note that the concentrations of additives are expressed as wt% of the continuous phase and that the SDBS surfactant levels from the latex synthesis are very low based on the continuous phase (0.
However, when we increased the SDBS concentration from 0.
The effect may be attributable to either the SDBS itself or impurities (e.
SDS, and SDBS, there is a fraction of C higher compared to results of elemental analysis of PPy-Cl, but the content of N is lower.
While changing sulfonic acid from SDS, SDBS to [beta]-NSA, the peak at 2[theta] = 22[degrees]shifted toward higher angle (from 2[theta] = 21.
3]), SDBS as surfactant (instead of SDS), and pNPh as additive (polymerization at 4[degrees]C in nitrogen, PPy content 40 wt%).
The composites produced with SDS all have smaller PPy particles than the composites produced with SDBS.
4] served as primary and secondary dispersant, respectively, and SDBS aqueous solution was used to decrease the surface tension of suspending medium.
2, which was similar to the mechanism in references (27), (28), To improve the dispersion of CB in aqueous solution, CB was pretreated by means of SDBS that was adsorbed onto the surface or into pores of CB, and the hydrophilic and oleophilic features of CB were improved.
The innovation of SDBS rests in its creation of a three-dimensional lung image and real-time navigation to masses on that image.
Load the SDBS into the reactor vessel after about 10 min.
Jim Nixon has an extensive experience from the energy sector also from leading positions at SDBS, which was part of the global technology group Dresser Industries.