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SDCCSmall Device C Compiler (freeware, optimizing ANSI-C compiler for MCUs)
SDCCSerial Data Communication Channel (Cisco)
SDCCStandalone Dedicated Control Channel
SDCCSupplementary Digital Color Code
SDCCSustainable Development Coordinating Committee (Canada)
SDCCSynchronous Data Compression Consortium
SDCCSumter Digital Camera Club (Sumter, SC)
SDCCSouthern Dairy Compact Commission
SDCCSignal Data Converter-Control
SDCCSan Diego Children's Choir (San Diego, California)
SDCCSingle-Deletion-Correcting Code
SDCCSan Diego Comic-Con (California)
SDCCSection Data Communication Channel
SDCCSouth Dublin County Council
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Heading back to this year's SDCC is like returning home," Seaton said.
We provide specific training and support so faculty, staff and students know how and when to reach out to someone in distress and how to help them get connected to appropriate resources on or off campus,'' said Charles Morse, director of the SDCC, adding that student involvement is a key component of the initiative's success.
D'autres pistes pour accelerer le developpement de la SDCC sont a l'etude.
Tumor cell mass is evaluated in the Ishikawa et al (34) scheme by assessing the percentage of cells with SDCC changes.
where A is the aggregate 20-2000 [micro]m that forms the ADCC and P is the aggregate <2 [micro]m that forms the SDCC, and B is the intermediate aggregate size that forms the ALDC.
SDCC also brings together councillors who lead on sustainable development in local authorities and national parks to discuss issues of common interest.
Our presence at SDCC allows children and adult collectors alike to celebrate their passion for well-known properties and play together over four fun-filled days.
SDCC was set up by a core group of sustainable development and environmental co-ordinators, who are responsible for co-ordinating these policy areas in their own organisations.
This year heralds significant milestones for Mattel as we commemorate our decade long presence at SDCC creating unique show exclusives.
To experience these products first-hang visit ThinkGeek's booth at San Diego Comic-Con, #3351, and if you're unable to make it to this year's SDCC then everything can be viewed at www.
Video: Age Of Ultron SDCC Footage AUDIO + Subtitles/Transcript + PICS (Full Description)
com)-- The Starship Enterprise embarks on a journey to the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International delivering the Exclusive Star Trek SDCC Logo Bookends by Icon Heroes, LLC.