SDCEASouth Durban Community Environmental Alliance (South Africa)
SDCEASangre De Cristo Electric Association, Inc. (Colorado)
SDCEASan Diego County Escrow Association (California)
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In May there were protests against forced removals and inadequate housing in Siyanda, Marianhill and Lamontville, while SDCEA tackled Shell Oil, and Warwick traders continued their anti-displacement protests.
In the south, SDCEA began national protests against the $3.75 billion World Bank loan to Eskom.
Other examples of community awareness, perceptions, observations, and actions may include the initiation of an NGO such as SDCEA to assist local communities to oppose poor air quality in their living and working environments.
Three of the four wards scored equally for the community factors, probably since they are located within close proximity to each other and share the efforts of a combined community action group (i.e., SDCEA).
"We asked administrators, for example, to consider the fact that they get big salaries and pay nothing for medical coverage, while we make much less, yet pay hundreds of dollars each month," says SDCEA President Charlotte Brown.