SDCISan Diego Culinary Institute (San Diego, CA)
SDCISoftware Development for Cyberinfrastructure
SDCIStrathroy District Collegiate Institute (Ontario, Canada)
SDCISingles and Doubles Configuration Interaction (quantum chemistry)
SDCISupplemental Data Collection Instrument
SDCISingle and Double Excitation Configuration Interaction Model
SDCISemantic Data Capture Initiative (Henry Ford Health System)
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We are very excited to include the Ilios products in our offering," said Jeff DeSanto, President of SDCI.
a We are very excited to include the Ilios products in our offeringa , said Jeff DeSanto, President of SDCI.
Following the recent successful launch of the United States Commodity Index Fund, which benchmarks to SummerHaven's SDCI index, we are excited to license these two new sector indexes providing a dynamic index approach to metals and agriculture futures markets.
The enthusiastic reception of the marketplace to the SDCI leads us to believe that the SDMI and SDAI will also provide valuable information to investors and their advisors.
The SDCI tracks the performance of a fully collateralized portfolio of 14 commodity futures, selected each month from a universe of 27 eligible commodities based on observable price signals, subject to a diversification requirement across major commodity sectors.
The SDCI employs an innovative approach to commodity investing that uses fundamental signals about underlying physical markets to create an active benchmark for commodity futures investors.
The SDCI is composed of commodity futures contracts for which active and liquid contracts are traded on futures exchanges in major industrialized countries.
The SDCI was designed as an active commodity benchmark index with the investor in mind.