SDCISan Diego Culinary Institute (San Diego, CA)
SDCISoftware Development for Cyberinfrastructure
SDCIStrathroy District Collegiate Institute (Ontario, Canada)
SDCISingles and Doubles Configuration Interaction (quantum chemistry)
SDCISupplemental Data Collection Instrument
SDCISingle and Double Excitation Configuration Interaction Model
SDCISemantic Data Capture Initiative (Henry Ford Health System)
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ASDA (Australian Screen Directors Association) BECTU (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph, and Theater Union) DGA (Directors Guild of America) DGC (Directors Guild of Canada) DGGB (Directors Guild of Great Britain) SDCI (Screen Directors Guild of Ireland) SDGNZ (Screen Directors Guild of New Zealand)
SDCI 47 maison de l~agriculture, 271 rue de Pechabout
Concurrent with the signing of the agreement, SDCI placed an order for an Ilios Water-Source High Efficiency Water Heater (Ilios HEWH-500-WS).